Jennifer & Eric Williams Wedding Day Photos

Jennifer & Eric Williams Wedding Day Photos

I love these wedding photos of “Basketball Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams and former NBA star Eric Williams.  They were married at the One & Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Jen wore a custom blush pink gown by Ines Di Santos and changed into another custom made Ines Di Santos creation for the reception. {Bouquet by Scott Corridan}. The wedding was planned by celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine.

Photo Credit: Diann Valentine

Photo Credit: People

Jen’s not the only celeb who recently opted for a pink wedding gown.  Reese Witherspoon chose a strapless blush-colored wedding dress with a Chantilly lace corset bodice and full tulle A-line skirt for her recent wedding to Jim Toth.  The dress was custom made by Monique Lhuillier, and Reese paired the gown with Jimmy Choo “Macy” satin sandals.  She changed into a white silk mini dress by Lhuillier for the reception.

For her 2002 wedding to Gavin Rossdale Gwen Stefani also wore a pink gown, as did Mariska Hargitay, Jenna Dewan, and Lisa Loeb.

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  1. Jo Gamble says:

    This is so sad I guess Jennifer see who her real friend was “Eric ” married women and single women make for bad company. It’s hard for a single women to hung with single ladies because single lady are just that single and cann do what they want without,fear of getting caught up in anything.
    Where married women end up in a situation she shouldn’t be because of her girlfriend ,while single ladies can go home with any man a married women better realize whe’s got the best hand,her husband. Married lady don’t ask your single girlfriends for advise it will never work.

  2. lkanony says:

    Oh Well….I guess those WERE the days….she left her marriage at the coercion of her so called “friends” and indeed the “friend” are not around to comfort her during her divorce…they’re to busy fending for the next baller to maintain their new way of life. Meanwhile, she has no one really to talk to in terms of her “Basketball Wives” co stars AND no husband….and her ex-husband/soon to be ex-husband tried to warn her about being careful with the company she keeps.

  3. Sumadijah says:

    That dress is gorgeous. I want a blush colored wedding gown now. Of course, I’d have to lose some lbs unless I want to look like a big ass pink elephant. Fat brides look disgusting, lmao.

  4. Lyn says:

    Now that Jennifer is married, I hope she removes herself from the gossip and drama and focus on her husband. Keep people out of marriage and don’t tell all her business. If not, this one won’t last either. Get back to the old fashion marraige. The devil does not want Gods union to survive. But I am sure money and fame is going to play a big part and this along with the negative of it will destroy yet again.

  5. Jan Garrison says:

    Ramone and I don’t plan on renewing our vows, but if we did, pink is what I would wear! I love all things pink and these gowns are no exception. Loving the pink gowns. I love the first dress.Simple but elegant looking..

  6. Cherise says:

    So cute.

  7. My ex’s cousin wore a pink dress for her wedding. That joint was ill-fitting and rather hideous. Perhaps because it was a garish, salmon pink. Needless to say..I havent seen a pink dress that has won me over yet

  8. Lois says:

    I love the idea of a pink wedding gown and if anyone can pull it off you can!!! btw thanks for always stopping by my blog 🙂

  9. Tiara says:

    Why did it take me so long to check out your other blog!? I need a little non-Mommy related reading in my life. It’s so funny – I was just having a converstaion with my best friend last night about weddings. We were watching that David Turtero show on WE. We were planning her wedding (and she isnt even engaged lol). I didn’t even think about planning another fabulous celebration to renew my vows. Why not do it big for a vow renewal? I lovvee Jen’s pink dress but I ADORE the Monique Lhuillier. Btw, my nickname in law school was Elle Woods – I had a default black pant suit in law school for interviews (bc i was poor lol) and it had subtle pink pin stripes. I just to wear it with a salmon camisole. I can be pink and serious lol…

  10. I love all things pink and these gowns are no exception. If you renew your vows again, I say go for it, girl!!!!

  11. Glamamom says:

    These dresses are insanely gorgeous. That Monique Lhuillier, wow. I wore her for my wedding but it was a boring ivory 😉 I hope you do one day renew your vows. I think it’s incredibly romantic and can really help refocus a relationship. Can’t wait to see what you wear 🙂

  12. Bika says:

    hmm…i would actually consider a soft pink gown now! those are really pretty. the monique lhullier is exquisite, my goodness! i lovee that ruffle work at the bottom.

  13. Loving the soft pink wedding gowns….

  14. K. Rock says:

    This is beautiful! It’s nice to have an alternative. Loving this new blog!

  15. Charisma says:

    I love the first dress.Simple but elegant looking..

  16. Alex says:

    I love pink!!! and I love weddings!!.. Beautiful gowns…

  17. Cynthia says:

    Women in their 30s can definitely pull off a soft pink!!! I love pink dresses. Ramone and I don’t plan on renewing our vows, but if we did, pink is what I would wear!

  18. YUMMommy says:

    Loving the pink gowns.

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